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Contractual Awareness for Salespeople


Sales Managers, Sales Engineers, Sales staff, Estimators, Accounts staff and all others on the staff of specialist companies with any involvement in tendering, winning orders, negotiating or managing contracts.


  • A concentrated review of all key contractual and legal aspects of winning orders
  • A review of entering into and running specialist construction contracts and sub contracts


  • To provide a clear practical understanding of how to recognise and avoid contractual and financial risks and pitfalls
  • How to negotiate positively towards sound and potentially profitable contracts
  • With a general understanding of the basis of construction contracts


  • Credit checking
  • SPV's
  • Tendering, enquiry and bidding
  • Formation of contracts
  • Qualifying offers
  • Orders, letters of intent and authority to proceed
  • Executing the contract
  • Contractual systems and arrangements
  • Subcontracting
  • Range of Standard Forms
  • Subcontract sum and price
  • Interim payments and credit exposure
  • Construction Act and planned amendments
  • Priced activity schedule
  • Valuation of variations
  • Retention
  • Discount
  • Interest on late payment
  • Protection - warranties, bonds and guarantees
  • Insurance requirements
  • Programme - pitfalls and priorities

Contractual Awareness for Salespeople Leaflet


For information relating to costs, locations and dates of this training course please contact our admin team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call on  01252 624763


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