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Subcontractors Using Adjudication


Directors, Commercial Managers - looking to resolve disputes through adjudication.


  • The knowledge and the confidence to approach an adjudication in a way that will yield tangible benefits 
  • A practical rather than theoretical approach to adjudication 


  • To give specialists a practical understanding of how adjudication works, enabling them to pursue their rights and avoid pitfalls
  • To make specialists competent to pursue good claims and defend spurious claims


  • What is adjudication?
  • Does your contract contain an adjudication clause that complies with the Act?
  • Where does the Scheme fit in?
  • Section 108 of the Act
  • What must be in writing?
  • Do I have a dispute?
  • What does my contract include and exclude?
  • Why I don't need professional help all the time 
  • Starting an Adjudication
  • Getting the notice of adjudication right
  • Having an adjudicator appointed
  • Getting the Referral Notice right
  • Getting paid and getting some costs back
  • Defending a Notice
  • Is there a construction contract in writing?
  • Is there a dispute?
  • What to do to avoid getting caught by lack of jurisdiction

Subcontractors Using Adjudication Leaflet



For information relating to costs, locations and dates of this training course please contact Jo Eaton (Membership and Training Co-ordinator).


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